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New Site!

2011-07-13 12:18:57 by mp54321

Hey All! I'm posting to tell you that I've moved over to a new newgrounds account! It's MIKEY-P now. I'll be posting new music there instead of this account here. I've been working on a bunch of music for a nonstop mix, so I haven't been able to upload much. So check out the new page for the nonstop mix songs!

Also, I've started a podcast (available on iTunes!) called "M1K3Y P Single of the Week". I haven't updated it in a while (for the same reason I haven't posted much on newgrounds...), but I hope to update it more now. Feel free to subscribe on iTunes!

New Album Out!

2010-12-17 14:39:29 by mp54321

Hey All! I've released my new album: eXoSkeleTon: The Album! I'm super stoked about its release, so it would be awesome if you could support me! Search "MIKEY P" in iTunes Store if you're interested. I'm still producing new stuff, so stay tuned!